Journal of Business & Economics Research (JBER)

Vol 12, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Effects Of Hindsight Bias On Experienced And Inexperienced Auditors' Relevance Ratings Of Adverse Factors Versus Mitigating Factors PDF
Kim L. Anderson 199-208
Exploring The Relationship Between Accounting Professionals And Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs) PDF
Heather Banham, Yunke He 209-214
The Economic Impact Of Sports And Sporting Events On The Charlotte Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Economy PDF
John E. Connaughton, Caroline Swartz 215-230
The Big Mac Index And Real-Income Disparity PDF
Vidya Atal 231-236
SEC’s Push Back On Adoption Of IFRS In The United States PDF
RamMohan R. Yallapragada, C. William Roe, Alfred G. Toma 237-244
Comparing The Performance And Importance Of Trade And Inventory Policies Of Large Cap And Mid Cap Retailers PDF
Edward Chu 245-256
Impact Of Innovative Environment On Economic Growth: An Examination Of State Per Capita GDP And Personal Income PDF
Oi Lin Cheung 257-270
Dollarizing The Cash Conversion Cycle PDF
Richard B. Griffin, B. Wynne Griffin, K. W. VanVuren 271-278
The Impact Of Deregulation On The Character Of A Firm’s Board PDF
Patricia L. Wollan 279-290
Research And Development Investment PDF
Nicholas J. Cannon, Gregory W. Ulferts, Terry L. Howard 291-294
Possible Effects Of Government Action To Curb Global Warming On Stock Market Performance PDF
David Nugent, Monsurur Rahman 295-298
Life Satisfaction Of Gen Y Shoppers PDF
Orose Leelakulthanit 299-306
Marketing Small Towns: A Preliminary Investigation PDF
Katherine A. Fraccastoro, Komal Karani 307-312
Are Cooperative R&D Agreements Good For The Society? PDF
Satyajit Ghosh, Sarah Ghosh 313-322

ISSN: 2157-8893