Download Rates for Clute Institute Journals

Download Rates for Clute Institute Journals

Recently, we reviewed our download statistics for all of our published research. We wanted to determine which articles have been downloaded the most since being published on our site. Our journal hosting software enables us to track these metrics. Many authors find this data valuable in determining the significance of their work.

The following is a list of the top ten articles downloaded from our website. When we converted to open access in 2011, we posted every article we’ve published online. These download rates reflect the number of downloads as of September 11, 2015:

1) Williams, Carrie. “Research Methods.” Journal of Business and Economics Research 5.3 (2007): 65-72. The Clute Institute, March. 2007.
Downloads- 134,583.

2) Easton, Annette. Easton, George. “Bot Herding With RSS.” International Journal of Management Information Systems 15.3 (2011): 83-90. The Clute Institute, October. 2011.
Downloads- 124,614.

3) Chima, Christopher. “Supply-Chain Management Issues In The Oil And Gas Industry.” Journal of Business and Economics Research 5.6 (2007): 27-36. The Clute Institute, June. 2007.
Downloads- 45,799.

4) Jahmani, Yousef. Dowling, William A. “The Impact Of Sarbanes-Oxley Act.” Journal of Business and Economics Research 6.10 (2008): 57-66. The Clute Institute, October. 2008.
Downloads- 28,821.

5) Cheraghi , S. Hossein. Dadashzadeh, Mohammad. Subramanian, Muthu. “Critical Success Factors For Supplier Selection: An Update. “ Journal of Applied Business Research 20.2 (2004): 91-108. The Clute Institute, September. 2004.
Downloads- 25,904.

6) Iconis, Rosemary. “Rape Myth Acceptance In College Students: A Literature Review.” Contemporary Issues In Education Research 1.2 (2008): 47-52. The Clute Institute, April. 2008.
Downloads- 21,872.

7) Staikouras, Christos K. Wood, Geoffrey E. “The Determinants of European Bank Profitability.” International Business and Economics Research Journal, 3.6 (2004): 57-68. The Clute Institute, June. 2004.
Downloads- 21,061.

8) Charitou, Melita Stephanou. Elfani, Maria. Lois, Peter. “The Effect Of Working Capital Management On Firms Profitability: Empirical Evidence From An Emerging Market.” Journal of Business and Economics Research 8.12 (2010): 63-68. The Clute Institute, December. 2010.
Downloads- 19,932.

9) Ahmad, Sohel. Schroeder, Roger G. “Dimensions Of Competitive Priorities: Are They Clear, Communicated, and Consistent.” Journal of Applied Business Research 18.1 (2002): 77-86. The Clute Institute. January, 2002.
Downloads- 18,869.

10) Polard, Dennis. Chuo, Shirley. Lee, Brian. “Strategies for Mass Communication.” Journal of Business and Economics Research 6.7 (2008): 77-86.
Downloads- 18,814.

We want to congratulate these authors in their achievements and we are honored to assist in their success. We will continue to watch the open access download rates and keep track of the most downloaded articles. These achievements are a reflection of the author’s hard work and dedication, as well as a testament to the power of publishing open access.

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