Keynote – Timothy F. Slater, Ph.D. – University of Wyoming


Professor Timothy F. Slater, Ph.D.

2019 Clute Inernational Academic Conferences Las Vegas Keynote - Tim Slater

Time Management Strategies that Work for Busy Professors and Grad Students

University scholars—both professors and graduate students—are busy. Really busy. There seem to be a never-ending list of classes to teach, papers to grade, journals to read, scholarly articles to write, grant proposals to apply for, and important meetings to attend. At the same time, scholars need time to have time away from the office desk in order to keep their creativity and energy levels high and maintain healthy relationships with friends, family, and community. How can you do it all? The Busy Professor has easy-to-implement time-saving strategies that really work once you know how to implement them including how to: rule your e-mail, make to-do lists that really matter, automate everything, pre-write letters, committee tasks, and grading comments, and use smart phone apps to build a better, attention grabbing CV.


Dr. Tim Slater—better known as “The Busy Professor”—is the University of Wyoming Excellence in Higher Education Endowed Chair of Science Education. As a busy and productive faculty member, he has published more than 100 refereed journal articles being cited more than 2,000 times, co-written 26 books that are widely used by professors and students internationally, and been awarded more than $20 million in grants to support his scholarly work in improving college teaching. He writes columns monthly as the Senior Blogger at the Society of College Science Teachers website, serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Clute Institute published journal, Journal of Astronomy & Earth Sciences Education, and is a frequent keynote speaker and featured scholarly productivity workshop presenter at professional conferences around the world. He has helped thousands of faculty and graduate students and recently published a new book, “The Busy Professor: Ten Easy Time Management Steps for Getting Your Academic Life Under Control.”

2019 Clute International Academic Conferences Las Vegas
2019 Clute International Academic Conferences Las Vegas