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On behalf of the entire Clute team, we want to thank you for your participation at the Clute International Academic Conferences Las Vegas, October 13-16, 2019.
We hope you enjoyed your experience at our conferences and found the sessions and keynote engaging and valuable. Our conferences aim to bring together faculty and administration from all levels of education across the world. We encourage a cross-disciplinary exchange of thoughts, ideas and innovation through a variety of teaching methods and perspectives. 
Based on discussions with Session Chairs, participants and Best Presentation Evaluations, there were many informative and well researched presentations. Congratulations to the Best Presentations Award winners. Below is the list of recipients by session.

For those who presented at the conference, we invite you to submit your final paper to one of our double-blind peer reviewed journals. The submission fee is waived and we are offering a discounted Article Processing Charge for all accepted manuscripts. SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPT HERE
If you have already indicated you would like your conference paper reviewed for possible journal publication, our office will be contacting you next week. 
If you wish to view or post photos from this conference, please visit our Facebook and Twitter page.
Your participation at this conference is what made it a great success. We wish you all the best and hope to see you again at one of our future conferences. Once again, thank you and we truly appreciate your time and feedback.
Diane Pielat-Clute,
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The Clute Institute
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Best Presentation Awards

Session 101 - Professional Development: Psychodidactic Strategies To Facilitate The Flow Of Logical Thinking In The Preparation Of Academic Documents, by Deni Stincer Gómez, Zuraya Monroy Nasr, Luis Pérez Álvarez, Ricardo Magos Núñez #151.
Session 102 - Education Development: Liberating Tanzania from the Chains of Neoliberalism; The “True Generosity" in Swedish and Danish Education Aid, by Macleans A. Geo- JaJa #124.
Session 103 – Finance: The Impact Of Order Flow On Event Study Returns: New Evidence From Zero-Leverage Firms, by Andros Gregoriou #114.
Session 104 – Energy: The Future Is Electric, by John Buzza #185.
Session 105 - Student Learning: Object Inquiry: Leveraging Museum Collections In Art History Survey Courses, by Dena Gilby #205; and Leveraging Local Employers As A Student Success Initiative, by Yvonne Phelps, Summer Van Pelt, Michelle Palaroan #206
Session 106 - Emotions in Business: Emotionalizing E-Commerce Pages for a More Affective Customer Response, by Freimut Bodendorf #110.
Session 107 – Management: Qualitative Research: The Repertory Grid Technique, by Antonina Bauman #256.
Session 108 – Economics: Labor Supply, Endogenous Wage Dynamics And Tax Policy, by Ricardo Manuel Santos #252.
Session 114 - Student Success: Many Charter Schools Are Operating As Private Schools Using Taxpayers Funding Denying Some Students Access, by Jack Crews #286.
Session 115 - Higher Education: Setting The Context: The Six Principles Of IDEA, by Matthew J. Erickson #299.
Session 116 - Economic Development: The Populist Right And The Future Of The European Union, by Marcus Stadelmann, Jill Carter #166.
Session 201 - Early Education: Correlations between Couple Relations, Social Support, and Subjective Well-Being of Parents, by Cared Shenaar-Colan, Hadas Doron #175.
Session 203 – Accounting: The Dark Triad and Professional Skepticism, by Douglas Boyle, Daniel Buzzerio #131.
Session 210 - Teaching & Learning: An Ethnographic Study of Effective Techniques of University Communicators, by Michael W. Firmin, Karolyn R. Sabo, Elliott H. Gilmore, Bethany A. Carson, Samantha J. Hershberger #279.
Session 212 – Management: Generational Perceptions Of Innovation - Definition, Meaning, And Application, by Gregory C. McLaughlin, Owen Roach, Heidi M. McLaughlin #241.