Frequently Asked Questions


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Who attends Clute Conferences?
Why do you schedule multiple conferences together, in one place?
Are submitted conference papers reviewed?
Do you have a dress code?
How long do I have to present?
What about airfare/travel accommodations?
Do I need to pay the registration fee when registering for a conference?
Should I register for the conference before booking my hotel room?
I need a Letter of Invitation for my travel visa. What do I do?
Do you offer Continuing Professional Education Credit?
May I organize my own session?
What if I miss a submission deadline?
May I have only my abstract appear in the conference proceedings?
May I republish my presentation?
May I attend the conference without presenting?
What video formats are supported for Virtual Presentations?
What if I need to cancel?
May I transfer conferences?
I have a large group I would like to bring to the conference. How do I sign them up?


What is Open Access publishing?
What are the advantages to publishing in an Open Access Journal?
What does the journal manuscript review process look like?
Are open access fees mandatory for publication in a Clute Journal?
Have Clute journals been removed from Cabell's Directories?
My Institution is requesting reviewer reports, can you send them to me?
Do you provide download statistics for published manuscripts?

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