Journal Reviewer Application

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Are you interested in joining the reviewing team for one on the Clute Institute journals? To apply, kindly complete the below application. Your information will be passed on to the current editor for their review. If the editor would like you to serve as a reviewer, or if they have any questions regarding your application, they will reach out to you directly. Remember that reviewers are selected on an “as needed” basis.

What are your areas of study? Ask yourself, does this coincide with the Aim and Scope of the journal(s) listed below?

Please remember to review the Aim and Scope of each journal before you select it.

Institution email address preferred. (.edu, .ac, .gov, or company email)

Maximum size 10MB

If I am selected as a reviewer, I will conduct any review in good faith and for its intellectual content without regard to the author(s) race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy. I have also read and agree with the Clute Institute's Code of Publication Ethics (, all Journal Policies ( and Privacy Policy ( Completing this form does not guarantee that I will be selected as a reviewer; the current journal editor will make that decision. I agree that, if I am selected as a reviewer, I will work with the editor to complete reviews in a timely fashion. I agree that, at the editor's discretion, I can be removed from my post as a reviewer at any time. If I am selected as a reviewer, I agree that any work completed for the journal is volunteer-based, and the Clute Institute does not owe me compensation of any kind.

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