American Journal of Business Education (AJBE) 2018-01-15T13:42:08-08:00 Diane Pielat-Clute Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Published since 2008</strong><br> ISSN 1942-2504 (print), ISSN 1942-2512 (online)<br>The American Journal of Business Education (AJBE) publishes papers that significantly contribute to the understanding of the science and practice of business pedagogy.</p> How You Store Information Affects How You Can Retrieve It: A Fundamental Principle For Business Students Studying Information Systems And Technology 2018-01-15T13:42:08-08:00 Mark S. Silver <p>During the current period of rapid technological change, business students need to emerge from their introductory course in Information Systems (IS) with a set of fundamental principles to help them “think about Information Technology (IT)” in future courses and the workplace.&nbsp; Given the digital revolution, they also need to appreciate the role of information in business as well has how to meet the challenges involved in managing information effectively.&nbsp; This paper addresses both those needs by presenting a fundamental principle concerning information management:&nbsp; How you store information affects how you can retrieve it.&nbsp; The paper commences by presenting the principle in a manner that can be used to introduce it to the class.&nbsp; It continues by providing numerous concepts and examples that draw on the principle and that students are likely to encounter in the core IS course, subsequent courses, and their real-world use of technology.&nbsp; The paper concludes by raising a set of issues suitable for class discussion or exam questions.</p> 2018-01-15T13:41:36-08:00 Copyright (c)