William Arthur Bishop


Alignment between an entity’s strategic business objectives and its information systems (ISs) has recently received research attention. Currently, small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) still face the challenge of successfully aligning their strategic business objectives with their ISs. Various small generic accounting software packages are available for purchase by SMEs. These accounting packages all have functionalities that enable SMEs to keep proper accounting records. However, due to their generic nature, these accounting packages do not always have sufficient functionalities to drive the SMEs’ strategic business objectives, resulting in IS misalignment.  Not selecting the correct accounting software package will result in the accounting software not addressing the strategic business needs of the SME.  The purpose of this study is to review and discuss the challenges faced by SMEs when selecting generic accounting packages and to develop a mapping between strategic business objectives commonly found within SMEs and software package functionalities that SMEs can refer to during the selection and implementation of new accounting software packages. This is accomplished on a non-empirical basis through a review of pertinent literature. In order for a SME to select the correct accounting software package, it is important that it invest time and effort in considering the software functionalities provided by the software package and map it against its strategic business imperatives to prevent failure of the package.