Tanya Beaulieu Pam Dupin-Bryant David Olsen


Technology continues to evolve rapidly, and organizations need to constantly evolve to keep up with the latest innovations in hardware, software, and processes to strategically select and manage technology.  Underlying these firm capabilities are the employees that monitor, plan, and implement technology improvements, thereby it is critical that organizations have employees that can contribute to firm absorptive capacity and who can strategically take advantage of technology innovations.  In this theoretical paper, we examine what type of curriculum MIS undergraduate programs might implement to prepare students for careers in the dynamically evolving realm of technology-infused organizations.  We posit that students need to go beyond the adage of “learning how to learn”, but instead need to have the skills and the mindset to compete in a technology-enabled environment.  Specifically, we examine a learning module on Dynamic SQL delivered in an advanced database course, and analyze why introducing a rigorous and complex learning module can develop and expand students’ absorptive capacity resulting in a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.

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