Gap Yeon Jeong Chae Chang Im Min Suk Kim


This present research distinguishes brand experience providers of cosmetic companies that include three elements: Brand identity elements of cosmetic brand shops (feminine and environmental-friendly brand identity); Marketing mix elements (level of iconic product, level of steady-seller product, reasonable pricing, convenience of location, quality of additional service); Cosmetic brand store elements (effective product assortment, atmosphere of a store, availability of testers, proficiency of consultants). This paper aims to explore these elements and the effect of brand experience provider on all brand experience dimensions; sensory, affective, intellectual, and behavioral experience. After the review of extant studies, we propose 11 hypotheses.
Based on the collected 295 consumers of experienced cosmetic brand shop, the proposed model is testified with the SPSS 15.0 and AMOS 7.0 is supported. According to the result of empirical analysis, it turns out that, in terms of characteristics of brand experiential provider, 'feminine brand identity', 'iconic product', 'steady seller product', 'convenient location', 'additional service quality', 'assortment', 'atmosphere', 'self-tester', and 'consultant' affected the customers' holistic brand experience of cosmetic brand shop. However, 'environmental-friendly brand identity', 'reasonable price' results to have no influence on the holistic brand experience of brand of cosmetic brand shop. The study produced a theoretical implication on brand experience that it empirically approached to factors of brand experiential provider on holistic brand experience of store. The earlier studies were at best conceptual analysis or they mainly dealt with in-store factor, whereas this paper divides factors that affect the customer's overall experience into 'brand identity', 'marketing mix strategy', and 'physical environment of in-store'.