Alexander James McSporran Yoon C. Cho


The aims of this study are to determine the influences of attitude formation, behavior, and satisfaction, with specific reference to the products of the food and beverage industry of Southeast Asia. This study employs the theoretical frameworks of the Theory of Planned Behavior and others to understand the psychological processes that take place between forming beliefs and actual consumption. The key findings reveal that consumers are influenced by both the traditional food attributes such as quality, price, and availability, while also extraneously influenced both by perceived family influence and perceived societal influence in their attitude formation. These factors, through the proposed model of study, were also statistically proven to influence behavioral intention of the sample group through willingness to purchase. In addition, satisfaction with prior purchase was also shown to be a determinant of consumer attitude, while the determinants of expected satisfaction were inconclusive. The results of the modelling and analyses of this study indicate the necessity for the concurrent development of innovative marketing strategies and quality improvements in the industry as it follows its projected growth course and outward expansion.

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